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Panic is more bitter than tobacco, and the taste of it was still on his tongue as his breath dragged ragged from his lungs. He'd meant to yell immediately - to lash out, to do something but exhaustion made his words falter. Masayoshi stared down at him, expression gone(more)
Masayoshi was too far away for him to get to - he had other things to do, to worry about - but Masayoshi was too far away and it struck him like a physical thing, a shard of ice lodged in his chest. Focus on getting the civilians away,(more)
Masayoshi made the best noises when Gotou took him to pieces. It was hard to decide which noise was his favorite - the short little cut-off whines, the heavy breaths panted through an open mouth, the low groan when Gotou slid his hand up the outside of Masayoshi's thigh(more)
Masayoshi straddled Gotou's chest, eyes wide open in surprise, one hand in the grass beside his head. He clearly had not expected them to hit the ground, and never mind ending up in this position. Gotou wheezed, the wind knocked out of him - and when he looked up(more)
"I'm sorry I keep dragging you to these things," Masayoshi said as he leaned against the bar. Gotou was facing out, elbow resting on the polished surface, so he had seen Masayoshi's approach. He knocked back the last of his whiskey and sighed a bit in satisfaction at the(more)
"You know," Gotou said, head on his arm, Masayoshi sprawled across his chest half-asleep. "The whole point of going to the beach was, you know, actually going outside to the /beach/."

Masayoshi didn't raise his head but made an amused noise into Gotou's skin, breath warm and familiar.(more)
For a moment the only sound in the small apartment was the steady pant of heaving breaths. Gotou had his arm back up and over his eyes, cheeks flushed red, head mostly off the pillow. His other hand had been planted on Masayoshi's head, but that had since slid(more)
"You look ridiculous," Gotou said, fighting to keep the smile off his face when Masayoshi finally managed to eel away from the people milling around him on the set. It took some doing just to cross that extra handful of meters to where Gotou stood, wearing a visitor's pass.(more)
Gotou had walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his shoulders - he meant to tell Masayoshi that the shower was free, he could start his own morning routine - but he stopped when he saw Masayoshi sitting upright on the edge of the mattress, eyes squinted(more)
When Gotou was drunk - really drunk, not two beers and horny drunk - he liked to just sit on the edge of the bed and run his hands through Masayoshi's hair. He loved to touch it, to ruffle it, fingers tugging slowly through, working gently to unravel any(more)
Sometimes, Gotou wonders if Masayoshi even realizes.

The bar is dim and smoky - they don't usually go out to places like this, it was on recommendation - and no one batted an eye at two hoody-clad twentysomethings sitting at a small bartop table, stools shuffled too close(more)
They didn't have bedroom to spare, so Kanata slept on the couch. He'd heard them arguing while he played with the kids - Gotou's tone hard-edged and worried, Masayoshi's softer, calming - and it left an ache in him that he didn't quite understand. He felt sliced through, cut(more)
It had been Gotou's idea, the movie. They usually only went to a /certain/ kind of movie in the theaters, and when he phrased it as a date there was no /way/ that Masayoshi was going to say no. Okay, maybe that had been a little manipulative of him,(more)
He looked smaller like this, somehow dwarfed by the crisp white linen sheets. Maybe it's the unnatural silence, punctuated only by the soft beeps of the medical equipment, or the fact that Masayoshi was never still, never quiet, he was even a restless sleeper - kicking his legs into(more)
The entire situation was out of control, Gotou realized when Masayoshi pinned him back against the hotel room's door, eyes reflecting the dim ambient lighting like a cat's. He had dragged Masayoshi away from ballroom champagne-giddy, before Masayoshi could make (any more of) a fool of himself but he(more)