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"C'mon," Lance said, head tilted back against the bathroom door as he turned the maintenance lock, the metal giving a solid, satisfying click. Shiro leaned in, forearm pressed against the door beside Lance's head, brows drawn together as he furiously, silently reminded himself where he was and what he(more)
It's different, this year.

There's a trio of school girls sitting on the old weathered bench, the two on the ends both leaning into the one in the middle, all three with their attention locked on the cell phone. They're taking a selfie, in the cool fall twilight,  waiting(more)
"I am NOT-" Lance hissed, his voice echoing despite his low tone, and he dropped it further as Shiro shut the door behind him, enclosing them both in the cramped space, "sharing a room with them, Shiro!"

"Would you rather sleep outside?" Shiro was unamused;  he was running o(more)
Allura's skin had gone ashen in the flickering, reflected light of the old television. Keith had left the set on for background noise before he'd closed the door to the motel room behind him; it remained on the channel he'd set it on, replaying some ancient budget horror movie(more)
"Be good," Shiro had said firmly, the motel door clicking closed behind him. He hadn't addressed the directive to either of them in particular, but his words still hung in the air for a few moments before Keith let out a small scoffing noise and shifted his weight, glaring(more)
As Gotou unlocked the door, he heard the unmistakable sound of a mad scramble coming from inside the apartment. He rolled his eyes and didn't rush heeling off his work shoes in the genkan and setting them beside Masayoshi's sneakers; there weren't exactly a lot of places for Masayoshi(more)
Shiro hesitated in the threshold of the cabin, a bag of ice under his arm. Lance lay mostly starfished out on the floor, one leg still hanging on the couch, arms thrown above his head. He lolled his head to assess the the threat, and seeing Shiro, let out(more)
Gotou leaned his shoulder against the door frame, watching the gentle rain of a mid-October evening. He could hear Masayoshi fussing, the rustle of papers jammed between rental DVDs louder than he realized, and smiled to himself.
He'd taken the hit as they escaped into the thick alien jungle; hesitating too long on a shot when the plasma bolt scored a line of fire across his face and caused him to stumble backward, falling into darkness.

A blur of impressions followed, a mixture of being(more)
Keith walked into the galley to see Lance and Pidge huddled around the island in the center, staring at something with a burning intensity. Lance had his arms folded and had all his attention on whatever it was they were staring at, so Keith shrugged and walked over, draping(more)

Keith broke out at a run, past Lance, and straight into Shiro's arms. Shiro's hair had grown long and unkempt, the trailing ends tied into a loose tail that vanished into the thick material of his cloak. He wore a week's worth of scruff on his face(more)
Gorlicans, it turned out, were slippery little bastards.

Really, Shiro reasoned, he shouldn't be surprised by this. The small, lizard-like species was especially common in the systems on the furthest edges of Galra territory where the Empire's grasp was the shakiest. Gorlicans sold their services to the highes(more)
Gotou was pretty sure that there was a fully-grown African bull elephant trapped inside his skull. There wasn't anything one could take for that, so he laid with his face mostly on the pillow as his head throbbed in time with every tick of the clock on the wall.(more)
"There is no way," Kanata said in response to Gotou's remark, leaned forward, elbow on the low table. "No. /Way./"

It was Masayoshi who put the blindfold on him, eyes concerned. Gotou hadn't had that much to drink, but he was proving a point, here, and besides hadn't(more)
It was a little after four in the morning, local time. Gotou lay on his side in an unfamiliar bed, Masayoshi's arm over his side, cuddled up against his back and sleeping much better than Gotou himself was. Gotou watched the minutes on the digital alarm clock flip from(more)