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Before Atsushi even managed to open his mouth to warn him, the pink bubble burst in Akutagawa's face. It released a fine powder into the air and Akutagawa kitten-sneezed, which was weirdly adorable coming from him, before resuming his usual deadpan expression.
"You really shouldn't smoke in bed," Dazai's voice was muffled by the pillow still, and Chuuya wasn't entirely certain how he could smell the smoke considering he was clearly attempting to suffocate himself instead of waking up like a normal human being.
James returned from a provisioning trip with a collar and lead and a small, shallow plastic pool. "He's going to murder you when he finds out you put a leash on him," Shiro said, holding the squirming, bite-y black ball of fur as well he could as James attached(more)
"What the /fuck/," Chuuya said, arms crossed and a large bump on his noggin from hitting the floor head-first, "are you two doing in my apartment?"

"Your apartment?" Atsushi was seated on the couch. "What do you mean, your apartment, Chuuya-san?" Akutagawa predictably said nothing, sitting in contrite(more)
Atsushi was soaked to the bone by the time they made it back to the apartment - Akutagawa had smoothly used Rashomon as an umbrella and, when Atsushi had complained, angled the sluicing water to drench him just before they made it into the building's lobby.
They tried to wait out the rain, lingering under an awning and watching the precipitation through the streetlight but it was to no avail; the downpour increased in intensity after a spectacular thunderclap made Atsushi jump.
Gotou should have expected this from the moment he'd received the text message and yet still he was surprised when Masayoshi slammed him back against the wall in the entrance hall of his apartment. Gotou went with an oof, the plastic bag of shitty junk food he'd brought falling(more)
Akutagawa gave Atsushi a flat stare as Atsushi scrolled quickly on his phone. "This is the stupidest idea I've ever heard."

"It's not stupid." Atsushi didn't lift his eyes from his phone screen, unaffected by Akutagawa's displeasure. "Besides, they were free tickets. We just have to pick the(more)
Shiro wasn't really awake when Lance nuzzled the back of his neck, the warm rush of his breath enough to pull Shiro from his light doze. He rumbled something that lacked syllables, inquisitive enough that Lance's mouth left his skin and Shiro whined at the sudden absence of familiar(more)
"There's got to be a catch," Atsushi said, standing by the floor to ceiling windows in the bedroom and staring out at a fairly decent view of the water, for a building not owned by Port Mafia. He didn't even want to think about what the rent on a(more)
Gotou pressed his forehead to the warm shower tile, eyes closed, and tried his hardest to stifle the groan. The shower water had gone lukewarm against his back and he wondered not for the first time if Masayoshi was awake yet. The thought burbled to the surface despite himself(more)
There was no way Atsushi would make it back to the others before the fireworks started; he was still on the footpath that wound its way around the main avenue of stalls at the festival when he heard the high-pitched hiss that heralded the first fiery explosion of color(more)
It was unusual for Shiro to come home from work and not find Lance starfished out on the most comfortable available surface, but not so strange that it threw up any alarms. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it in the laundry pile by the bed, and opened(more)
Atsushi looked suspiciously at the envelope that Dazai slid across the table to him. He looked around the cafe once - it was pretty much empty, Lucy was sweeping the floor in the far corner and mostly ignoring them, but no other ADA members had joined them today. Then(more)
"I like the way you smell," Masayoshi said, chin seated on Gotou's shoulder as he leaned against him. Gotou's ears flamed red but he somehow didn't drop his keys or the bag from the convenient mart despite Masayoshi's weight pressed against his back.