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Keith walked into the galley to see Lance and Pidge huddled around the island in the center, staring at something with a burning intensity. Lance had his arms folded and had all his attention on whatever it was they were staring at, so Keith shrugged and walked over, draping(more)

Keith broke out at a run, past Lance, and straight into Shiro's arms. Shiro's hair had grown long and unkempt, the trailing ends tied into a loose tail that vanished into the thick material of his cloak. He wore a week's worth of scruff on his face(more)
Gorlicans, it turned out, were slippery little bastards.

Really, Shiro reasoned, he shouldn't be surprised by this. The small, lizard-like species was especially common in the systems on the furthest edges of Galra territory where the Empire's grasp was the shakiest. Gorlicans sold their services to the highes(more)
Gotou was pretty sure that there was a fully-grown African bull elephant trapped inside his skull. There wasn't anything one could take for that, so he laid with his face mostly on the pillow as his head throbbed in time with every tick of the clock on the wall.(more)
"There is no way," Kanata said in response to Gotou's remark, leaned forward, elbow on the low table. "No. /Way./"

It was Masayoshi who put the blindfold on him, eyes concerned. Gotou hadn't had that much to drink, but he was proving a point, here, and besides hadn't(more)
It was a little after four in the morning, local time. Gotou lay on his side in an unfamiliar bed, Masayoshi's arm over his side, cuddled up against his back and sleeping much better than Gotou himself was. Gotou watched the minutes on the digital alarm clock flip from(more)
The first night he waits, sitting on the edge of the pier, and goes through three cigarettes. He's not bothered, not really, not /yet/ ... but the moon is thin and blocked by clouds, and the wind is cold. He doesn't stay as long as he intended.
Sometimes the only warning Gotou got was the creaking of the couch.

He didn't even have time to look around, as a solid weight collided with his back and side, heavy enough to make him stagger to one side but not fall. "Got you!" Keiko crowed, faded ol(more)
Gotou barely lifted his hand from over his mouth, eyes squeezed  closed and red to the tips of his ears. "Please," he said through gritted teeth. "Don't try to talk with your mouth FULL, Masayoshi!"

Masayoshi lifted his head slowly, Gotou's cock slipping from his mouth with a wet,(more)
Masayoshi sighed with some aggravation, as for the third time in the last twenty minutes Gotou threaded his arms through Masayoshi's and settled his head on Masayoshi's shoulder. "I'm trying to cook dinner," Masayoshi informed him, as Gotou nuzzled the junction of neck and shoulder, inhaling deeply.

Gotou Hidenori was not the sort of person to get easily distracted. He was used to managing his time, seated in the comfortable bucket seat of the pilot's station, reading over star maps and plotting the best routes that would steer him clear of any sort of trouble; surrounded(more)
Masayoshi caught him by accident once, looking- the light was dim in the apartment, cast almost entirely from the television on its stand. For some reason Gotou thought that was enough, that its reflection on their skin wouldn't betray him when his attention shifted from the episode to the(more)
Gotou greeted Masayoshi at the door with an exhausted, exasperated expression. "Guess which one is yours," he said by way of greeting.

Masanori sat against Gotou's hip, face tucked in to Gotou's chest and chewing sleepily on one end of the superhero cape that was safety-pinned to his(more)
"Are you building a model kit?" Gotou said as he put down the plastic convenience store bag beside Masayoshi. "The entire apartment stinks like glue again."

"No," Masayoshi said, eyes very nearly crossed as he focused on the model in his hand, paintbrush in his teeth.

Masayoshi was not technically supposed to have a key to the apartment. He didn't actually live there, of course - he still lived in a hotel room that he was spending increasingly less time in, but that didn't change the fact that he wasn't supposed to let himself in(more)