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It was unusual for Shiro to come home from work and not find Lance starfished out on the most comfortable available surface, but not so strange that it threw up any alarms. He pulled his shirt off and tossed it in the laundry pile by the bed, and opened(more)
Atsushi looked suspiciously at the envelope that Dazai slid across the table to him. He looked around the cafe once - it was pretty much empty, Lucy was sweeping the floor in the far corner and mostly ignoring them, but no other ADA members had joined them today. Then(more)
"I like the way you smell," Masayoshi said, chin seated on Gotou's shoulder as he leaned against him. Gotou's ears flamed red but he somehow didn't drop his keys or the bag from the convenient mart despite Masayoshi's weight pressed against his back.
Dazai trailed along slightly behind Kunikida, tagging along on his task because the office was empty and he had no one left to bother (or, more accurately, Kunikida wasn't interested in leaving him alone in the office as he'd been eyeing the support beam for half the afternoon). They(more)
James grumbled into the pillow as a wet nose pressed behind his ear. He was exhausted, eyes gummy and when he finally managed to squint them open it was still dark. "Wh-?" he mumbled, trying valiantly to keep his eyes open and mostly failing.
Akutagawa was always rough, but that was okay. Atsushi could handle rough. He would never admit it, least of all to the man between his legs, but he totally got off on being manhandled; and Akutagawa definitely served that in spades. Atsushi clung to the sheets above his head,(more)
For the first time in a very long time, Atsushi didn't wake from a nightmare. He woke naturally, gradually; coming awake warm and secure, face pressed to a pillow that had a faintly familiar scent, and one hand tucked against his face.
The great black dragon lay felled in a field of fresh snow. The white wolf approached the beast slowly, though the rise and fall of its chest was faltering, and its once-mighty wings lay shredded and bloody.

There was no chance the beast would rise again but still(more)
Today it took seven inflammatory text messages and the kicker of a lewd selfie to finally get Chuuya to come to him. Dazai sat on a rock and kicked his feet in the sand, expression beatific as Chuuya grabbed him by the front of his shirt. "What," Chuuya snarled,(more)
Atsushi was sitting under the beach umbrella on a towel and recovering from being on Dazai duty when he felt a small tug on the back of his hooded shirt. He glanced over to see a tiny Rashomon head that swiftly wrapped around his wrist, and after a brief,(more)
"Where's your tanabata wish?" Atsushi said, holding a brightly colored piece of paper in both hands. He was leaning forward slightly, staring intently at Akutagawa, who didn't look anything other than put out at the attention he'd drawn. "Akutagawa!"
"Were-tiger," Akutagawa said, his voice rough as always, coarse and heavy as he pushed the words into Atsushi's skin. Atsushi sighed out a small laugh, Akutagawa's forehead pressed to his bare shoulder, and shifted so he could look back, at the top of Akutagawa's head.
The campfire had burned to embers, but the heat of the day still hung in the heavy night air. Very faint, along the tops of the trees there was a subtle glow - the city in the distant, the eternal flame of civilization never far enough away. Lance sighed(more)
"What," Chuuya said, his voice gone dangerous, "is this?" He held up a skimpy nightie, red lace with black trim. Dazai was lying on the futon, head propped on his hand, reading, and he looked up to see Chuuya holding out the offending undergarment with both hands.
This didn't make any sense, Akutagawa thought, distracted, pushing Atsushi's face into the mattress at the same time he shifted his hips, muffling the resulting moan from the were-tiger effectively.

He hadn't been able to figure it out. Atsushi was hardly his first, but - anything else hardl(more)