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It was near darkness early in the evening when Eloise squatted down behind the shed with a hammer in her hand watching for the man with the larger hammer to come around from the front of the house.

Eloise had already seen several of her family die, due(more)
The dirt piled on Henry's chest. They thought he was dead but he could still see and comprehend that he was being buried alive.

The poison had made Henry prostrate but he still felt the weight of dirt on his chest. Dirt covered his eyes. Filled his mouth(more)
He sat at the top of the mountain. No attention given. None for a long time.

No girls down below. No talk from his brother in the ocean. Nor the one down below. His wife he hadn't seen for ages.

"Fuck it." Zeus threw down some thunder(more)
The remnants of lace kept piling up. No one would buy the last bits not after the rumors started making the rounds. The rumors about what was left behind. The rumors started by the cloth makers about what was left behind. Propagated by the senseless widowers that the remnants(more)
They hit the body five feet down. Jeremy's shovel split brain matter but Matt didn't care it was what was in in the back of the head that his fence was interested in so they kept digging. Careful to keep further brain matter away from their bodies.
Victor remembered when it had been an it. Just a hunk of dead flesh on the slab. Before the electricity and the flames of creation flashed life back into the dead body.

"Why?" it, now a he, asked with a pained look in it's, his, face.

It was a warm summer's day and the people were pooling around in the park. Jared watched the people over his tablet as he half pretended to read. He had been in the park over an hour the courier was a half hour late, they often were so Jared(more)
The golden toilet was a mess. He sighed and pulled on the gloves which pulled up to his elbows. Eros hated cleaning Venus's toilet.

The bucket of celestial cleaner could kill anything known to man, mythical beings or gods yet Eros was still pretty sure it wasn't an(more)
Gent caught himself scratching at it again when out popped a new galaxy. Gent sighed and brushed the new body of being to some far empty space on the cosmos. Gent put his scratchers away and tried to focus on an infintesimally small corner of the universe occupied by(more)
The astroid had left Earth space some ten years ago and would return in ten more. Twenty years without seeing her. Twenty years without a drink. Twenty years without real beef. Without water that wasn't recycled. Twenty years without another human being.
Henry had lived in Portland. Henry never lived in Portland. Henry lived in Vancouver. Henry had never lived in Vancouver.

Henry had lived in Portland with a girl Henry did not like and so did not live in Portland with a girl Henry did not like.

She smelled of cedar oil. She had usually smelled of cedar oil. Her smile faded and eyes went wide. He could see the life lift off her body.

"Shit." Henry stared at the totem whose glowing green eyes started to fade.

Henry watched Mary's essence drift into(more)
Harry hadn't been in the game that long, he thought.

"Harry, what do you know about bitter orange?" the detective asked.

Harry's head listed to the left and then to the right. He felt the skin on his face turn taunt. Harry wanted to raise his arm(more)
It hurt for a moment but then all of the last life left Cassidy. She woke up as no one. Then pieces of something. Then she was old enough to know things others knew but not how to apply them to life. In a few more minutes Rachel, as(more)
I was on a large mountain that was sprewing fire. I had my hands held aloft. It was some sort of hell. I didn't know how I had got there. But I was there. In some sort of hell.

I kept walking through fire and brimstone. It hurt(more)