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Lady of shallot 4
She doodles more often than not, a plain good old fashioned number two pencil flying over the empty page as she encourages something she deems good-enough to manifest itself into magic.
Half the time she stares into the nothing.
She's surrounded by it, like a bubble. (more)
it all goes so fast
slips through my fingers like water
trickling down and down
full and overflowing into nothing
i can float through the days but the nights,
in the darkest dark of night i sink before i fly (more)
"You don't even know me."
The words slipped out of her mouth before she could stop them.
She really didn't mean to say them outloud and braced herself for the fallout but he never even heard her.
Sitting at the kitchen table one minute, the next he was rattlin(more)
I'm not touching this one with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.
My eyes follow him discreetly.
Easier to do with long shaggy hair and bangs always in my face.
I pretend I'm sketching and scribble lines on a page face down but my eyes gravitate in his direction one time too many and he catches me watching.
No surprise there(more)
...have way too many windows open right now, all with different triggers, none with anything complete.

...have become overwhelmed with technological gadgets; one PC, three laptops, two cell phones and one Nook is rather redundant really.

...lost my mind.

...don't spend enough time writing or for(more)
That stupid annoying bell on the door jingles everytime it moves and after two weeks off for Christmas the waiting room is full.
Full to the point of nowhere to sit in a room lined with chairs along three out of four walls.
Every seat is taken. The rule(more)
spinning in one another's orbit endless
we bounce and slide
along the interwoven threads tying us together immortal,
into each other
we can trace it back if given the inclination (more)
They huddled together in the cold night air pack-like, huffing and puffing and sniffing the air for the slightest trace of challenge.
He'd picked up her scent before the rest of them, mixed in with the smell of cigarettes, pheromones and stale beer. His body reacted instinctive,(more)
Hard as we tried we couldn't outrun them.
We could barely out-drive them as we zig-zagged through the unfamiliar streets of an unfamiliar city.
This wasn't the Manhattan we remembered.
If we could just find a way out of the city, if we could just find a way to(more)
It wasn't so much that she felt she was in the way, it was more like she felt she was unnecessary.
She would sit at the kitchen table all day long and drink endless cups of tea and chain smoke while sketching furiously in pencil.
She never took it(more)
i expose myself                    
stripped down to nearly nothing
you see right through me
~ (more)
amidst the clutter
both here
                    and there
underneath all the ribbons and bows (more)
An invisible cloud of alcohol surrounded him always.
It was as if he doused himself in whatever liquor he could buy with the change he panhandled on the big bad streets of Manhattan.
The fall was long and hard but he ignored the reality of being homeless and he'd(more)
I've been gone for far too long.
There's been a kind of exile, of the self-imposed kind which tends to drive a person wonky.
Is it evident I've been watching a lot of BBCAmerica?
Is anyone out there?
There's no one in here but me these da(more)