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Lady of shallot 4
like the moon
or the tide
I come and go,
disappear for eons then
pop back up again as if I never left,
though I am never the same (more)
after all this time
i'm still here
standing in the same spot,
stuck in place and mired in mud,
it pulls me down
excruciatingly slow, (more)
if only my mind would quiet down
maybe the world would be mine
or i could just rest, even for a little while
sink into my familiar and catch up,
i could put my feet up and sit a spell
linger here, where my heart lives, see, i haven't(more)
My Mom died yesterday.
Somehow, in all the imaginings I've imagined, I've never imagined my Mom not being just a phone call away.
And I don't care about the double-negative in the previous sentence because right now, I don't care about much of anything.
I can't let myself care(more)
She tries to find herself in his words.
Always she searches for a double meaning, an innuendo, a twist to whatever it is he actually wrote.
She's in there somewhere, this she knows above all else, although it's become an unspoken game where the only prize is a feelin(more)
I don't know why or how it happened, but a few weeks ago, when I wasn't paying attention, life got away from me and took my words with it.
I know.
Shit happens.
Now please, don't get the wrong idea. (more)
i've lost my way
hit a bump in the road, or slipped on thin ice,
something i can't quite put my finger on
but it's got me in it's grip
maybe it's me (more)
The sudden drop in temperature on top of the unexpected snowstorm freezes the surface of the parking lot so much so it resembles the old pond she used to skate on when she was a kid.
She steps gingerly, careful not to slip as she walks to her snow-covere(more)
Sometimes I stare at a blank page for hours waiting desperately for some sort of inspiration to strike me out of the blue.
I'm chock full of words, filled to the brim with ideas but there are times when I can't think of an opening sentence for the life(more)
One Thing I Want To Wish Into The Corn Field

1. Myself. I have it all figured out, if I wish myself out into the corn field* I will then have peace and quiet and will be able to write to my hearts content. I will also be(more)
you whisper my name
when nobody is watching
i belong to you
It was 2:45am when her phone vibrated. Her body reacted instinctive.
She knew it was him before she looked at the screen, still, seeing his name sent a tremble through her.
"Come over." His voice was husky and urgent.
She could picture him leaning back, cigarette in one hand(more)
when pockets of time
and stall
i wait without question
head down and straight on through the night
doubt likes to nibble (more)
She finds him haunting her thoughts more and more each day regardless of all the clutter she throws in his path.
If she keeps herself occupied with minutia she can go a full five minutes without a trace of him crossing her mind but the slightest little thing can(more)
One would think I'd be used to all this killing by now but one would be wrong.
Sure, it was something I did on a daily basis in the name of survival but c'mon, who wants to spend their time covered in blood, guts, and Al Gore?
Yeah,you heard(more)