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Ricky was sitting on the curb in front of his new middle-school in Long Island. It was hot and he was wearing shorts and Mongoose racing tshirt. His backpack was full of heavy books that bored him and slowed down his movements. The school's bus drivers went on strike(more)
"Where would you go if you could go anywhere tomorrow?" Richelle asked him because she'd traveled everywhere she'd wanted to go mainly by herself but on occasion with a friend or lover. Owen looked into the depths of his Sierra Nevada and said, "Anywhere South America, but Brazil for(more)
I was sorry his wife loved me more than him. Ryan and Sara had been together for 17 years. High-school sweet-hearts to king and queen of the San_Francisco swinging scene. I wandered into threesome along that developmental journey, and Sara and I clicked in a way that two people(more)
I met Leah through a dating site. Leah was 38yo, 5'4, blonde, and built like a plus size model with fat in all the places you want it. She liked to smoke weed, grow weed (Although she sucked at it), drink gin, and fuck like a 1980's-rockstar. We got(more)
"We've been friends for over 21 years," I mused to Owen. At 34 we've been friends for over half our lives. Time fucks with perception but Owen can read me like Everyone Poops Books. Owen's married and I'm single. He runs several shady online businesses that have made him(more)
When your heart ceases to beat and your lungs let your life run out.
Will the world be any different? Will the stars shed a tear? Will galaxies fold in on themselves?
The money you saved to pass on down won't save you. Even all the organ you regre(more)
I've grown to despise crowds. The stench of body odor and shit sprayed on to mask the body odor. Ever witness a crowd beat someone until there eyes stop moving and their body twitches? It'a almost worse when the crowd just stands around and does nothing while a fight(more)
"Monogamy's unnatural... trickel down religious rituals that make no sense with our genetic hardwiring," I said. We've all said shit like this but I was basically rationalizing a causal-fuck-buddy thingy into staying just that. I didn't want to feel obligated to text back within a certain time frame to(more)
Sometimes, before I can fall asleep and wake up in a choke-hold of death-anxiety, I'll get dressed, and run to Tiger Liquors on 25th and clement, and pickup two overpriced 22oz Lagunitas and start walking north. Before long I'll be stepping into the soft sands of Baker-Beach and inhaling(more)
I remember tomatoes being Melinda's favorite thing to eat. Before she fell in love, before she got sick, and before the chemo made her the most strikingly beautiful bald woman to grace the small streets of Winters on a bicycle with a woven basket full of early-girl tomatoes.
You were thirteen when you bought your first bag of dirt weed from Mexican Andreas who's brother Jorge, was the star football player and resident High-school "I'll fuck any of you pendejo's up who looks-at-me wrong." Teachers and cops never really fucked with Jorge, they joked-with-him and let his(more)
Sunrise in the Tender Knob had a glow that softened it's hard concrete buildings, broken-crack-heads, and oxy-salesmen.    
Will wasn't sure what happened last night. He was at R-Bar before he left with a raven haired girl who was a dead-ringer for Natalie Portman, if Natalie Portman  were(more)
"Did you know that Johnny's mother-in-law owns that really good Indian food restaurant over on Solano?" My father looked up from the financial section of the Chronicle. "What's that?" His hearing aids are in but that doesn't matter much these days. My mother repeats herself. "Wait til I tell(more)
Kevin was in a furry stuffing his shit in bags. Toiletries, clothes, and of course his half-drunk-bottle of Jameson. Richelle climbed into bed and head facing the wall. She wasn't watching his circus acts anymore. Kevin had threatened to leave her before but after a day of cooling off(more)
Her eyes narrowed like a road when it goes from 4 to 2 lanes. Her nostrils were flaring with her silent-pissy breathing. Leta was perched on her couch and already half-way through a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Short-French-manicured nails dug into her the arm of her love-seat. Someday she'd(more)