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I woke up one morning
After floating along for decades.
Alone, in a pair, alone, myself.
I did not know that on this morning
I would begin my journey...
To the rest of my life, (more)
He plays like a siren. Every song calls to me, every push on those ebony and ivory keys- like an angel plucking her harp... I could watch him for hours, ears closed and eyes open to the most beautiful sight... A man entrapped by his own creation. Eyes closed,(more)
When traversing the eye of the storm
One thinks the worst is behind them
But while you wait, unsuspecting
The worst is yet to come.

"Do we really need so much junk?"
"Absolutely," he didn't even blink as he continued sliding chocolates of all types off the shelves. A bottle of liquor here, some chips there... "It's our last night, we're not going to sleep. Come on, hold this soda. This is the one(more)
If I could give up one sense
I would hope to lose scents
So never again will I bear the assault
Of sandalwood wax, memories all your fault

My nose is attacked (more)
She never feels like she doesn't belong.
"I don't think I can make it," she whimpered in despair.
"Hey! Don't say that. We're in this together, you know that." His eyes met hers in a silent moment, screaming with suffering. They had been through too much together, and for what? In the name of love? Do(more)
Today I learned to love, today I learned to smile. Today I woke up alone, but in someone else's heart. Though space may draw us farther apart, and words attempt to tear across more distance... Our gazes bridge the gap. I will not waste my time, my moments are(more)
Moments go by in silence, just staring. There are awkward giggles and blown kisses, but no words. I look at you, you accept all of me. You challenge me, in the silence, to be a better person. You make me question what I thought life was. I grow, and(more)
The Riddler wants to question you, and know what's in your head.
Everything's a laughable joke, until The Riddler makes you dead..!
Treble clefs and triplets; bass and silence. Sometimes all you need is a little music.
At the very last minute
I made my choice
I walked through the door
And there you were...

Perfect timing
Heartache, suffering, betrayal -
All sustained through life.
From birth the pain has been present
And an escape has been searched for...
Through love, friendship, and connections.
All of these things, however, have only brought more of the same.
It's time now, for the only real release from these(more)
I am almost human.

Part of me was there at birth, and part was created in a dungeon - in a laboratory - in an old bucket of mop water, from experience and despair.