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Any normal bruise would fade away after a couple days, but the pain from a heart break can leave a permanent bruise on your heart leaving you bruising and hurting for a lifetime.
That's what happened to me, no matter how hard I try to get over how bad(more)
Stopped by the pretzel shop, put my order in.
I went and sat down, i looked up and thats when i first saw him, our eyes met.
Thats how it all began, its like our eyes said hello while our mouths stayed closed but we both understood and sure(more)
There's many days that pass by and i'm ennui all the time, but then again depression does that .
i've lost motivation to keep going, it's as if im losing who i trully am on inside, its begining to be harder to smile, let alone get out of be(more)
The pain that a heartbreak can bring upon you, can make you wish you were skinned alive.
Just for the fact that being skinned alive would hurt less, because a heartbreak can last an eternity, but death has this bittersweet chance to end all that pain.
Well at least(more)
you said we would remain the same or even better, but sadly, you lied.
i feel like im stuck in a vase. Bottled with emotions can make you feel this way.
i just hope one day i can get over it, over you.
truthfully i never want to get(more)
Never underestimate ones ability.
for mighty nature can become human nature and bite you in the ass.
if that makes sense.
if not then I guess you're on your own.
He's in the same room as you.
look away.
dont hurt yourself by looking at him, the more you look the more it'll hurt.
he has her, he dont need you anymore.
if he needed you, he'd make it obvious. (more)