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Awaken for a price, my facial expressions are inked onto the cover of your magazine. My smile folds underneath its weight, pressing for your skin, as my laugh speaks of the love I just dealt, for the change I now keep.
I don’t have the time in me anymore to: add, subtract, multiply, or divide my way into your brick wall. Go bury yourself my Fortunato, and then call me like you do, when you realize that you want back in.

Yes, I’ll be there, bloody knuckles and all(more)
Mumbling truths is a form of cancer.
My friend always stays for the credits at the end. He always looks for a certain name in hopes that it will bring back a fancy, a glimpse, of a relationship now long gone.

I stay by his side, afraid that he won't catch “love” outside the big(more)
My feet pick me up in the face of my gravity, while my thoughts keep my shoe laces busy. There are knots in my lungs; I’d dance over my morality if I knew that my other soul wasn’t listening.

Instead I awake to a voice, salivating for m(more)
I entered this world crying, and if I'm lucky, I will leave it laughing.
Outside the moon fought to find its favorite star. I held it in my pocket, borrowed it, only to store it in a black box.  Yes, I was going to propose to you on that night.  But I swallowed my words when your green eyes turned to me and said, “I’ll(more)
This morning my wife pressed herself against me.  She whispered in her secrets. At first I heard my faults, but then I opened my eyes, and I saw that she was really telling me hers. I told her to stop; I know where that road leads. But she didn’t. I(more)
The truth is that love is fucking crazy and I’m not. But I’m foolish enough to want to be crazy and she’s pretty enough to look crazy. And if that isn’t love, well then, it’s just crazy.
Don’t you think, there's something out there, that makes me wanna stay here longer? That I’m laughing and laughing, but ending in here is not how one writes their happily ever after. Don’t you think? Oh, don’t you think, I really don’t think so.  We’re laughing and laughing, but the(more)
There's no worst luck than to believe in love at first sight, only to find, that in some circles it is called friendship.
Skates meet the ice but divorce brings those cuts spring calls sunshine. Kid’s line up for the colors until the vendor sells out on the taste. Yeah, the sun is out. Are you ready for it?

Seattleites supply the world with coffee but their names remain thirsty. Onl(more)
I brush my teeth, style my hair, and I straighten out my tie, but the mirror just reflects a victim. I withdraw my eyes from my history, leaving my ghost as my only witness.  The faucet spots my gravity and drowns it with hot water. I pick myself up and(more)
I just got back from a vacation, only to wake up next to you. Cold breath, coffee breath, finally out of breath. The sun is out. Hurray. Now we have a reason to rain words upon each other and then cool off just in time to notice that when(more)
Tonight I looked up. My moon was too drunk and ended up sneaking into his bedroom. I hold my breath but can't seem to find a tunnel that will shorten my suffocation. I know of a fountain, but when it dines with pennies it parties itself dry. So I(more)