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11 p.m. at iHop.

Man-hating pancakes, served with whipped cream and strawberry syrup, the kind that goes down sticky, sweet, and almost bloody but not quite. My roommate carved into her stack, I performed surgery on mine. We swap, like Victor Frakenstein. Yours for mine.

It's eleven-twent(more)
Her name is Kate.

Kiss me Kate, capture me Kate, convince me, Kate.

At thirteen she wants friends more than fondling, and thinks it's better to not play truth or dare with other girls. Kissing other girls before you kiss boys might pose a problem.

Consider: Coffee mornings, wine evenings, tea afternoons. When you're not full enough, you turn to something else.

Find religion. Find love. Find science. Find meaning.
There is only one way to be timeless in this world.
I want to be a dead white man.

Do not misunderstand. When I am alive I will live and breathe a world that white men cannot taste or feel, that they do not understand. I am(more)
She would live and die in a castle, in a Kingdom, behind walls.  Lisre knew this, and had learnt its meaning many times. A Princess of the far reaches, she was insurance within the Capital of the Empire, and had found long ago that the Princess of the West whose(more)
Nothing we ever light on fire stays that way. You and I both know that.

"Burn it, please," you ask, and the fact of the matter is, I know that burning is temporary just as fires are temporary. But we are permanent, and how can you not conside(more)
Suppose a sentence starts a way you didn't expect. There's a damaging way to place un-careful words, stories you made up, ideas that you felt. Between yourself and the page, how many hurdles are there?

You build many phrases, awkwardly bundle in clauses together; semi-colons stutter your speaking(more)
"This is," Maja paused, drawing herself to her full height. It was disturbing. It was a horrible thought to go through with, and yet it seemed to be the only option left.

She looked back over to her lady, pausing over the words that lay before her. "-it's(more)