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Duck feeding
"Hold on. You think this is a date!?"

"Well... Isn't it?" The evidence had seemed pretty clear to me up until about 10 seconds ago.

She huffed. "What gave you that impression?" (more)
The field welcomes you
An expanse of pure potential

Run, jump, dance
The field is open and free (more)
[A response to "stooped".]

Ugh. Monday...

I pestered Daddy until he set me back atop the slide.

"Just one last time," he said, not knowing the truth of that statement.

The next Saturday we found a bulldozer in the park, demolishing the playground to make way for some stupid water feature.

"I have to be completely honest..."

"Ugh. Why? We've got a good thing going. I lie; you lie. No expectations."

"...Yeah. See, I haven't actually been lying." (more)
When you're falling head first,
you have some decisions to make.

Do you open your eyes,
or close them?
I have a strange collection.

It's dirt.

I've got dirt from the west coast, the east coast, Europe, South America, Australia. I've got dirt from the day I was born, and some from my grandfather's grave.

I keep it in jars on a shelf. A very(more)
I can't feel my face, and not for the usual reasons.

It's cold tonight, but not THAT cold.

I'm sleep-deprived, but not THAT sleep-deprived.
"So I stand here, before you honoured delegates and the whole world, to enter my plea: innocent of all charges."

An outraged roar swelled across the Earth, rippling the oceans.

One woman stood. "You sick, twisted /monster/!"

The accused sighed. "I built it, but I(more)

Down it went, more smoothly than she'd expected, hardly any wriggling or squirming... Gross after-taste, though. She stifled a belch with her hand. "There," she said. "I swallowed a fish!"

Her friend proffered another.

"Thanks, one's enough."

The seal shrugged and splashed away. (more)
Six weeks after the inexplicable collapse of the toothpaste and mouthwash industry, the news media was finally running out of "halitosis" puns. Desperate drugstores were forming a poorly organized black market.

It was time. (more)
Whatever was inside this box, it was valuable enough, secret enough, powerful enough that I'd lost six of my nine lives getting my paws on it.

I picked the skull-shaped onyx lock with a practiced claw.

Two pulsing red objects rested inside, with a note: "Eat us:(more)
"Is anybody else's skin peeling off? No? Anyone? 'Cause I'm losing an observable minority of mine... Did I say minority? Scratch that. Not sure if it's shock or what, but I can't actually feel it. Wait: there it comes. That's some pain right there. Oooooww."
If I could do the whole thing over, I would've told you this up front.

"I'm only three years old," I'd say, not twenty-three, as claimed. "I'd rather nap than party. I'm not ready to 'settle down'."

I'm sorry I've misled you, but my feelings are real.(more)
She was standing along the highway the first time I saw her, hair blowing freely in the wind. I thought about stopping to pick her up, but it was just a thought.

I've seen her six times since, always somewhere different.

I can't stop thinking about her.(more)