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You're zoning out on your walk home when these four kids pass by, filling the air with a raucous cacophony (as kids are wont to do) when one of them suddenly stops and runs back to you. To be honest you don't really notice and sort of, uh, walk(more)
It whispers in the early, sleepy morning.

It ceases its trembling and gains volume, solidity after a few tries.

You rise and fall, the sun is at its peak and your voice is strong.

But all things come to pass. It is as deep as the(more)
I lost my voice but not my heart
I can't communicate but i can listen
I can't express with words but i can use my body

My soul is my voice and as we connect, it will be heard throughout the world.
A cold had swept through the household, taking all seven children and both of my parents. There wasn't enough cough syrup to go around, barely any tissues, and eventually we all got sent back to school.

I was only six at the time, the seventh born into the(more)
        It's not the way you stand, the way you move your hands or what you say, it's your voice that gives you away.  Every time.  You told them that they were needed, that they were doing something great, that they were valuable.  Then you threw them t(more)
"Martin?" Arthur paused in the kitchen doorway, looking at the slumped, humming figure at the coffee table. "You're still here?"
"Um..." Martin looked down at his coffee cup. "Yeah?"
"Oh, well I can leave if it /offends/ you that greatly-"
"No no no no no." Arthur ran forward(more)