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He stood in the Starbucks line, saw the candy canes at the registers, the snowflakes on the paper cups, and thought about Shirley Temple. A lustrous alchemy of talents, she was -- singing and dancing her way across movie screens seventy feet wide, no less a genius than Marconi(more)
You stand there looking mightily perky,
just you and your super beef jerky.
You are so saucy,
I would love to take you for coffee.
And your wavy russet red hair just makes me crazy!
Maybe on our first date I will give you a daisy . . (more)
She stood at the bar waiting for her drink. What had she ordered, I wondered to myself? I had missed her entrance, she seemed to have just suddenly appeared. I wouldn’t have been able to hear her voice at that distance, in any case.
I was thinking if I took the plastic thingy off my phone it might work better. 'Work better', would be anything less than six minutes to dial a phone number. It would be a 'mood thing' I'd be counting on for that to make an improvement. My phone would(more)
Today was important, because I finally got my fat paycheck and was in desperate need of a few... things. I didn't even stop by my home after work, I figured, "What the heck," and went to the nearby ramen shop to eat out.
You're cute but there is something else I have to say.
From the deepest part of my soul does echoes of your love touch me through the day. Like the crisp sun raining down the warm summer heat... to where our compassion wafts dreamily into midnight beat. Yes, I(more)
"I'm sorry Cody. You're cute but...I just don't like you like that..." said Sharon Paige, the girl of my dreams. That was what she told me in 5th Grade. What I told her next sealed my fate.

"PLEASE! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR YOU!" I begged loudly. "I(more)
Every Friday night the seven of us got together. We met at the park as the sun started to set and sat on the tops of the picnic tables, just shooting the breeze. We didn’t do anything bad, we were together so we were safe, and it got us(more)