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you told me and told
me and i didn't hear. then you
stopped, and that I heard.
You told me there was a hotel in Texas I could hide my bald spot in but I couldn’t wrap
My sombrero around it so I left El Paso on a Greyhound bus and got married to a Jesus
Freak girl in Los Vegas, I told her it was(more)
You told me I was wrong. You presented me with theories as if they were facts and gave little to no credit to the information that I used to prove my point was valid. I didn't want you to change your mind, I just wanted you to stop trying(more)
You're manner of  telling is the endless pile of pillows heaped on my chest.  I just can't seem to crawl from under their exhausting fluff.
You told me that things would be different now.  That everything I knew and learned was over.  You told me it was time to let go and move on.  This would be a beginning.

Things don't happen so simply.  It doesn't go over that smoothly.  Some things are like a haun(more)
The boy sat there leaning forwards against the balcony. The boy could feel the cool night breeze caress his face and flows through his golden hair as he continues to lean forward over the balcony. A smile appears across his face as he overlooks the city skyline.
I wrote a BEAUTIFUL story and my internet failed and the whole thing was deleted. Damn it to heck. All of it. YOU TOLD ME MY WORDS WOULD BE PUBLISHED. YOU TOLD ME THIS LAPTOP WOULD NOT HAVE PROBLEMS WITH INTERNET CONNECTION. Liars.