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You just know empty stairwells and tired secrets, but I want you to know the love poems you whisper in your sleep, the unfinished sentences that I keep from you, the very reasons I ask you to stay.
Just before the realization that we are not going to be here much longer, I trip over the threshold that I have safely navigated over for the past nine months. The first week that we moved in, I had to watch my step, because the builder that made this(more)
"I just don't know," Jasmine sighed. "I have fucking clue what I'm doing."

"Language missy," her father scolded. "And there has to be something that you want to do. What ever happened to personal training?"

"The gym was into super high pressure sales. And I hate getting(more)
They're a very odd pair, the two of them. He was nearly twice as tall as the little girl that accompanied him, often clad in a ragged coat that flared out as he walked, while she always wore a simple outfit, a standard blouse-skirt combo accentuated by splashes of(more)
I crack open the ivory colored door , spilling the streetlight into the foyer. The rug in front of the door has always clashed with the stairs, maybe that's just the rum. I twist my bronze key out of the lock like I did earlier this morning. Should have(more)
She is slipping from my fingers as the seconds tick by. Her beautiful face was fearful when she saw mine looming before her. Was I that scary?

"Relax..." I said soothingly, hesitantly extending my hand out to her. She flinched as our skin made contact and I shuddered(more)
Let me tell you something, my friend: I never bought those who say that love is a chemical reaction.
I never bought those who babble about love at first sight either. Or those who blabber that love came from similarity, or habit, or hatred, or difference, or anything. (more)
That moment when the feeling of something enters in your gut like a wave and splashes throughout your body, pounding realization into your head and action into your bones.
when youre in love. you dont always know when they are though.
Surrounded by the faces
of your peers as you cast
your head down, saddened.

You are all classmates, yet
their decision was to kill a (more)
I could see it all over his face. In his fake, watery eyes. Through the stammering. He was always such a good actor. I used to be tricked by it, but after a while, you're just able to see through it. You just know.

"What? Are you being(more)
His southern drawl, his green eyes, and that cigarett smoke.
The new guy at work wasn't my type but we were very good friends. We hung out plenty of times but it was this one time that was different. Those eyes of his reflected the moonlight as his star(more)
He appeared to have something on his mind. Nobody could figure out what it was. He had a look of confusion on his face. It was clear that there was something not right about the situation he was in at the moment. You could cut the tension in the(more)
"You just know." The instructor said, "With a few years experience under your belt, you just know when a suspect is lying. But you don't have any experience yet, and you won't have enough before a while. So what can you do until you have enough experience?"  
"You just know everything, don't you?"

Door slam. High heels clink the marble floor. The rhythm gets the song "Another one Bites the Dust" stuck in my head. Maybe I aught to stop correcting her all the time. Maybe I won't get the chance too. That's unfortunate. (more)