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You get that from your mother,
floats into my head
and I freeze for a second
because I know it's true
I will not yell like her
I will not complain (more)
you traveled from the future
and came back to the now
where everything is slightly off kilter
louder faster and drenched in harsh
sunglasses can hide a multitude of lies, but they have to come off eventually,
confusion colors everything when fatigue sets in,
nothing you haven't lived before(more)
You get that earache whenever you compulsively clean out your ears. Q-Tips, the ends of bobby pins, toilet paper that you spin between your forefingers into a tissuey spear. Compulsive. You're disgusted by dirty ears, old wax. Did someone once tell you that you were a dirty kid? Did(more)
You get that? She's not asking you for some kind of useless sympathy. She's asking you to see what she's doing, respect it, admire it even.
I once felt bad because I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet, which made me throw up. But then I had a Top Pot Doughnut and felt better.

Top Pot Doughnuts. You get that?