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You chip away slowly
I didn't notice at first
How much you were taking away from me
It wasn't even yours to take

I don't know what to do with the remains (more)
I wondered,
if I took her delicate hand in mine,
if she would dissolve into dust
that would scatter and disappear.
I never thought that I would sit by her hospital bed (more)
People usually think of Death as a thief, coming along and stealing away the ones we love, showing mercy to no one; it's easy to see how the idea arose.

Death is to be feared, to be hated and avoided at all costs. The worst thing you can(more)
Sometimes, I just want to wither away and be done with. Others, I want everyone else to. Either way, it's going to happen to someone.
Nobody understands their relationship. After all, how could the maiden of springtide willingly accompany the lord of the dead? It's absurd; surely such a vibrant soul dependent on the essence of new life would simply wither underground, crumble to dust and join with the inhabitants subordinate to her lord.(more)
i have no feelings,
they all withered up and died
the day you left
It's cold again. The flowers faded and withered away until there was nothing left but brown ground and chilly breezes.

Despite everything that is dying, or going to sleep, there is certainly something that is blooming in this newly forming seasonal wasteland.

Two people sit closer (more)
only kept alive until your one
could be delivered, for so hopeless-
murderous am i, your spoil-
happy giver; though romantic to
a fault in as i woo to self-
tumult, can nurture- (more)
i can't help but think
that if i were to wither away
into nothing but dust
this iron grip would let go
and i would finally be at ease
As a favor to her for lighting his joint, Tommy Zhang decided to show Saraswathi his garden. "Look how many there are! Because I can always make more whenever I want, and they never wither!" Tommy demonstrated his plant powers, creating a seedling out of his own hand.
Alphonse Elric did not like the city, and never understood why his brother preferred to call the dirty streets his home. The place stank, of pollution and people and thousands of other Breeds.

It was never hard to find Edward - he made no secret of his address(more)