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Disease is a hard word to approach. You think of maggots, mounds of bodies in black and white photographs curling at the edges. Soften the word, however, and think of brain, think of the delicate pink city up there, pulsing, pink, alive and singing at its best--tilted, bent, even(more)
She was the funniest person I knew. She could get me to laughing so hard, I actually would tinkle a bit. I hated when she would do that to me in public. On the spot, she could think of the most wonderful sarcastic responses. I thought her brilliant. (more)
Hypo-tension. Not directly lethal. It contributed severely to his procrastinating tendencies, at least, according to him. And also why he claimed he had no heartbeat. Besides just to annoy the doctors.

Addiction. It should've been lethal when considering the sheer volume of everything he did. Instead, he used(more)