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Take the future by the hand before it grabs you by the throat. You can't fight the clock, every effort against a second is a wasted one. Even if you live 10 years longer that time is empty and hollow because you fought in vain only to achieve an(more)
It was Christmas and Theresa didn't mention it. The calendar had become a womanish worry-stone, not a valid way to measure time in that isolated place where the slapping of the tides and the race against the light carried more weight than a ticking clock. It was Christmas night(more)
Late October in Portland, Oregon--this is still a fall night. But a lot of times, in New York--especially Syracuse--by now, it's winter. And in Minneapolis, growing up, late October was almost always winter. Sometimes there might be a warm day somewhere after that, but the kids all wear winter(more)
Jim left the dorm at 1:45 AM with the eyes of a quizzical security guard boring into the back of his head. Nobody liked it when Jim went out for walks on cold winter nights. So he told nobody. And most of the time, nobody seemed to notice. (more)