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A man walks in the wilderness.  He counts his steps to stay sane.  If he did not count, his thoughts would come to his situation.  His car has broken down on him, and he must count to forget about this.  
Sometimes Arthur forgets just how /vast/ Canada is, how beautiful the land is. He’s always preferred the country to the city, but the countryside here means something entirely different. There’s still a raw wildness here, a beauty that can’t be found anywhere else.

“I’m surprised you wanted t(more)
Gotou was sitting at the table watching the news when something (one?) thudded into the front door. He blinked, looked over at the door - and then it thudded again, and by the third thud he realized someone was knocking something large and heavy into it, so he hurried(more)
wilderness without
large animals empty house
but still called a home