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So many layers that cross my mind. Here in the expanse, out on the truck, my whole self goes haywire. Suddenly I'm sixteen and high on shrooms. Suddenly strangers wake me up in the morning and I sleep 16 hours a day and everything is strange and different and(more)
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pol star talk-show host
Reading back through the triggers I wrote before, it is difficult to remember where I was. I am so disconnected from that time and place that I cannot feel the way I felt then. I cannot see what room I sat in as I wrote it, though it is(more)
Melinda's hands shook. She stared at the words on the note, the handwriting foreign.

"My Dearest, Melinda. Please understand this decision. Your father and I only want what is best for you. We will always love you. Love, Mom."

Melinda whirled around. "Mom, what is this?" (more)
Gotou always seemed to try to excuse himself from outings whenever the outing involved other people. It had become a trend that Masayoshi noticed, especially in light of the Flamengers' guest appearance on Neo Red Axe. There had been filming to be done - Gotou stayed behind, he had(more)
A written letter was all that Alfons felt Edward deserved, in the aftermath. It was curt, cold, absent of the warmth Alfons seemed to exude. Bitter, like salty ocean air; angry, like the twist of a maelstrom.
"I was not a troubled person before I met you." "I a(more)