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If I could do the whole thing over, I would've told you this up front.

"I'm only three years old," I'd say, not twenty-three, as claimed. "I'd rather nap than party. I'm not ready to 'settle down'."

I'm sorry I've misled you, but my feelings are real.(more)
Is the whole thing over?
Because there's this hole
Deep in my heart
And it hurts
It used to be filled with happiness
But now (more)
What is regret
and why is it abrasive?
i've been choosing this
whole thing
over everything i've ever known, everything i've ever
known has really been nothing
but i've been thinking that maybe (more)
I'm a good cook,
ask anyone.
But if you were to ask me to flip an egg over
and keep it whole,
I'd start shaking
in my non-existent boots (more)
"Well, we can't very well stop 500 terajoules from existing.  And blowing it up would just render it into several sharp, pointy, equally deadly space-projectiles headed for the planet in a Shoemaker-Levy machine gun impact pattern.  So what can we do?"

"Move it over to the side."