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"god, i'm horny."
"who isn't?"
Who isn’t lost?
Drowning in their own fretfulness,
Whether concealed with a mask,
Or open like a meadow,
It’s the equivalent,
Can’t you see? (more)
who isn't amazed with the beauty of words? if you are not, i'm afraid to say, you are a stranger to me. who isn't left with their mouth open, gaping, in the awe of a clever poem? if you are not, it's probably the case that i wouldn't take(more)
Tobias left the corner shop that perched on the edge of the estate. He had spent almost the sum total of his pocket money, all of 1 pound 50. Ripping the crinkly wrapper off the sweet chocolate bar with his teeth, Tobias looked up.
Who, in Asgard, isn't a lovely blonde warrior? Who isn't strong and fierce in the heat in battle? Who isn't dying - literally - to have their name sung in songs and tales by skalds for the next millennia?

These questions and more in similar veins ring throug(more)
Everyone says easily "I'm alone". Actually what is the definition of alone itself? You can't be alone every time. You have friends and your family who loves you. Just because there is someone who isn't here with you, you are not alone.
Meliara knew she had made an impossible decision. Seeking solitude, she stood on her balcony, looking out beyond the castle walls into the foreign city.

She took a deep breath. No. She had not messed up. She had chosen her people, her country, like a princess should do.(more)
Nick sat on the grass, his legs sprawled out in front of him, with Kennichi laying in wolf form beside him. They were resting, while Takeo and Rian ran laps around the large, circular driveway that ran before the old house and the garage.
Who isn't having a good time? What's not to like? I know, I know, you want more. You want fulfillment. Well, we don't always get everything; now do we. Isn't the world enough, you need whirled peas too?

I'm the one who isn't having a good time. Too(more)
"Oh my god," moaned Andy, "we have to get him to a hospital!"  Light poles sped by the open window.  They had to be going at least 60 miles per hour on residential streets.  Thumping noises could be heard from the trunk after they swerved around each corner.

Fidel didn't say(more)
what I want to know is: who isn't sick of what passes for good entertainment these days?  I am tired of television, movies, the internet.  I want to see live disembowelments of the condemned, just like in Roman times.  I want to see unlucky participants in blood sports die in the arena. (more)