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I learned how to control the spirits of the dead last week. Apparently my grandmother had been a, whatever you call it. A witch? A necromancer? When she died she gave me some old books in her will that gave me supreme mastery over the spirits that reside beyond(more)
Stephan exited the noisy classroom at the order of his teacher. He was in 6th grade and it was the third time that week that he was expelled from the classroom. This time it was because he had glued pieces of paper to his teacher's back, while she was(more)
White chalk to me is the essence of this planet. Forged from the minerals found deep within the crust. Chalk is crushed, mixed, dried, and reformed into the plain and unassuming shape we all know. But did you know it holds more than that?
He lay still, skin as white as chalk. His right index finger occasionally twitched, his eyelids occasionally opened and closed. But he was dead, no doubt. Nothing could save him now. There was no point in rushing to a hospital; I'd much rather sit with him in his last(more)