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Gotou took a deep breath, and placed the cell phone on the table between them. It was his new phone - Masayoshi had insisted on picking out the cell phone case and Gotou had given in, bracing for something ridiculous but Masayoshi had almost anticlimatically picked out a plain(more)
A lot of things between Masayoshi and Goto went unspoken after the incident with Haiji Sawada. One was that Masayoshi stopped going back to his hotel room at night; the first evening he'd visited Goto's apartment after everything, he'd ended up falling asleep, sitting with his back pressed against(more)
"Researcher, uh... Aiza, correct?" asks the supervisor, shuffling papers on his crowded desk. He sees only the black lines on the confidential files in front of him, not even bothering to look up at the scientist he'd hired for this job.