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He was a handsome older man. Well dressed, smelled fantastic. Wore a smile that was remarkably disingenuous, but comforting nonetheless.

I let him buy me a drink, and we stared out across the water. A water taxi passed us by, the last trip of the evening, its festive(more)
Secrets are written in college-ruled notebooks, hidden inside black boxes, hidden under beds or in closets.

They go into the ears of a listener, sometimes sticking to brain matter and other times just go out the other ear.

They go into the grave, kept safe and buried(more)
There is a frog living in the back of my head. I don’t know how it got there or when, but I know that it lives there. It’s where the secrets go. The frog lives off of my brain, it’s always slurping and sucking and quacking in there. (more)
over where secrets
go unappreciated
by the zen masters
That little bed
Where secrets go
To whisper
Their last words

That graveyard (more)
Secrets hidden up your sleeves
But this is anything but magic
Killing the pain with stitches and gauze
Whispering to your reflection that it's under control
While you put on a show for the whole world to see
But, darling, let me tell you that you are not Houdini(more)