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with every day, a new peek, a new sliver, a new revelation of how bizarre my habits and thought patterns and rituals are becoming. yesterday i used compressed air to blow the dust out of my computer; the can was ice cold after only a few short bursts, bolts(more)
For as long as I could remember, my aunt's house had this hourglass in the back room that was always running. It was massive, almost as tall as the room was, and the connection between the two containers was made very tight. Only a few grains of sand could(more)
Most days, Barcelona seemed far away. Miles, years- however you wanted to measure it, it was far. There had always been some degree of adventure while living abroad. On the grand scale was the adventure of history and buildings and important cultural education, and on the smaller scale there(more)
The lights in the living room were off. I was laid back on the couch, waiting for the warning that would, somehow, make my night a little more... Interesting.
The blond guy from the News appeared on the TV and gave me what I was waiting for:
“Use up the oil and all that fossil crap, it really doesn’t matter; the planet’s survived much worse. That doesn’t bother me”. The focus in Gary’s eyes were piercing, Xi shuffled in discomfort.  
“You wont be saying that when it does” he responded with a generic self-righteous tone.