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anythin she askd / i woulda done it / woulda
died for my belovd / well maybe not / but ida
done / anythin she wanted / woulda been her
own / the way i thot i waz / for a time / & still
do / sumtimes /(more)
singing in front of people
dancing in front of people
Not ever
all i have is the courage i find
You always did hate that word. Sometimes I miss your rage and face of disapproval when I would utter that combination of 26 letters.
Whatever, whenever, whoever, wherever, however.  These are all real words.  Shouldn't whyever be up there?  
Whyever not? (more)
Remember that I will love you; whenever, whyever, whatever, however.
Levering of feelings,
unfinished thoughts;
I kissed your head,
and left you to rot.
It feels like it's been years, on the outside. It /has/ been years, but I just saw you again, didn't I? You're worthy of admiration, as always. But it's the first time for you, every time. I'm not sure how I feel about that anymore. I love you. I(more)
I was going to write a story about a guy that is in love with this girl that only comes in the summer and how each year he tries to improve and each year he fails and realizes no matter how good he looks, how fit he is, how(more)
There she lays
in a pool of her
own blood, of
her own self-
A sea of emotions,
A storm of tears,
That torrent down,
Vicious as acid,

A smile of abhorrence, (more)
(To my slant rhyme,
Discovered in lines that never broke)


Faring better now, closer to what is real? (more)
"You mean I can make anything here?" Corvus asked. He had seen strong magic before, done a lot of it himself, and while the Dark Forge, if that's where this really was, seemed impressive in a lonely sort of way, he wasn't sure if it would live up to(more)
"Whatever," the mantra of the teenage years was never something that affected Anora Avalon. Sure, sometimes she thought it and thought it loudly but she knew that it was a product of hormones and not really something that she should ever let past her lips.
The only time sh(more)
"What do you want tonight?"

"Eh, whatever."

"Well, we're fresh out of 'whatever' so you might have to pick something else."

"I'm fine with anything, okay?"

"You say that, but I'd rather not spend two hours watching you push food around your plate as you(more)