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what are you to me

what am i to you

the hours the minutes the weeks and days and maybe years spent juggling these questions filling out the formulas, stressful thinking pitchblack room scrunching noises of the pillow and my hair along the top of it, the(more)
I'm trying to figure out what you are. It's been the defining question of my life, actually. I definitely know who you are... I mean, I certainly recognize you. But what are you?
You've changed so much. You went through all of the usual dramatic changes of youth an(more)
Halloween night. This bar wasn't where Wanda wanted to be. It was just someplace warm until the taxi showed up. Alberni only had two.

The party'd gone south fast. Typical. She never went anywhere; should've known better than to go to Gabriel and Elsie's the way they got(more)
"Don't you mean *who* I am?"