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Time. Between the two of us we loved far too much far too fast. Five years of absence, six months of text transaction, 5 days of an intense affair.

What we needed was each other. We needed each other for different things. I needed your unique perspective that(more)
Stop. Stop. Stop.
I kept repeating in my head. It was a like a flicker of hope in the tunnel vision of my current bad mood. Stop the madness, stop the anger, stop everything. I needed to be alone.
  I was ready to face the world again. Knowing tha(more)
The grocery list sat so ominously on the kitchen table, any passerby would have thought it was a death threat.

They stood in a line eight long in the center of the street, facing two children. They held their guns across their body with two hands, their knuckles white, tears streaming down most of their faces. The two children couldn't have been more than five and nine. There was(more)
Once upon a time stories never happen anymore. There is no happily ever after, no Prince Charming, and certainly no riding off into the sunset. Fairytales don't exist anymore.
There's just the truth. The cold, hard truth that's grabbed the world, and no matter what people try to do,(more)
     A miracle would be needed to make this seem feasible; however, they knew better than to believe in what cannot be justified. There was a sense of desperation among the crew as they pondered their only means of an escape. Some of them pondered their existence; all of(more)