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What must I do, what must I say for you to understand that I am not as perfect as you believe me to be?
What does it take these days to be a hero? It's no longer knights in shining armour and rebels like Robin Hood. It's something a lot less obvious. And I should know, I've been trying like hell.

This last week I entered a burning building to rescue a(more)
The swirling void appeared in the apartment three days previous behind the couch. Harrison was the first to notice after he somehow dropped his new pipe back there and pulled the couch out looking for it. The pipe was gone but the still smoldering bud was sitting right in(more)
Hmmmm. Diesel? Unleaded? Crap.

You know if you feed that machine the wrong thing you'll be in deep shit trouble. It's a sensitive, expensive work of functional art--you've heard. Ad nauseum. You've heard about the soft purr of the engine and the turning radius and how gentle yo(more)