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I dreampt about ordering a vanilla soft serve cone in Wisconsin. My change came back to me with gravel in it. Then the guy pulled away without giving me my cone. I ran after his truck yelling, "No cone! No cone!" When I woke up this morning (more)
Dear Thellie,
I'm finally home. It seems like forever since I've been above ground. After spending so much time wandering along the Styx it feels wonderful being able to stretch my legs against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.
Hades fought me tooth and nail this time, he didn'(more)
She desperately wanted to control herself, but she couldn't stop her face from beaming, and she had little awareness of her surroundings as she clipped her way down the sidewalk in silver high heels, drawing admiring glances she didn't notice but also drawing puzzled and judgmental glances, the result(more)
When I close my eyes, I see smoke rising from the cities. All this death, and at least some of it is because of me. Guilt snarls around my heart, but I do my best to push him away.  He is my closest acquaintance, now, Guilt is. My friends have(more)