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"What the hell does that mean?"
She just folds her arms in front of herself and glares at me.
"Oh c'mon! How long are you gonna be pissed at me," I ask as I give her a shoulder-bump.
Her head lowers sharply as she stares daggers where my flesh(more)
Hair styles and fashion in general have never been strong suits of mine. I've loved wearing my hair down ever since I was little. Partly because I don't like taking the time to do fancy things to it, and partly because it comes out looking ugly if I try.(more)
Theres a way of mine
under flowing water sin
stretched trim abdomen
the surreal of the sun  
and the sum and the sum
often theres none   (more)
Rubbing is something I don't like to do, because it wears on my skin and my psyche, but also because it's not easy to hide from others. The raw red skin is easily visible and people realize what I'm doing, wearing myself down. But I can't stop the feeling(more)
Got a pencil, wear it down,
Crush the people on the ground,
Like Bad Ronald, no emmotions,
Sail your ship across the ocean,

Poor poor Ronald, (more)
not a poem
not ever a poet
skin is too tight and every noise
just so loud
the light bends
in silly ways and it makes the colors (more)