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Part of me, a large part of me, wishes I could spend a lot more time writing. Like, pretty much all of my time. If it weren't for that pesky job, and sleep. So much time wasted on sleep. I should just write instead. I might get better! (more)
The train compartment is almost empty except for one middle aged man over by the window. I say "bon soir" just to be polite and I take a seat near the door. It's getting dark so I don't care about the window; I turn on the light and open(more)
We are all here playing with our smart phones in the bar.
Texting associates while watching others from afar.
Sometimes it's not easy to approach another,
So you sit down and you order another.
Wait around- everything starts to fade away. (more)
So often, days are measured in the events that took place – the good, the bad, the ugly. Petty things are remembered and grudges carried with the start of another day. We triumph at the moments that bring us success and cry at the disappointments life deals to us.(more)
At 4:58, we are all here.  Most of us, anyway.  And even though we are done, we will stay.  Till 5:58.  Or 6:58.  Because someone thinks it's important that we do so.  Naturally, that person isn't here.  But we'll sit anyway, because that's what we do. (more)
John Sawyer Jr. motioned the rest of the conspirators closer and flipped open his gold-colored (he'd never bothered to determine its actual composition) pocket watch.  "He's going to be back at three o'clock on the dot and I want to give him a little taste of silence before we get(more)
we are all here huh? the junkies and the homeless and the alcoholics, are they here? we say they are there only when we must, or if someone wants our money. its sad, how a billion people arent there.....