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Leaves of ivy fold gently into bundles. Their tendrils whip around the anchor cable of the telephone pole just outside in the back.

That gravel scattered and often sunlit space where repeated beatings have gnawed holes into the flatness of the concrete.

Beside the telephone pole i(more)
When I found a diamond ring washed up on the beach, I did everything possible to find the owner.

I went to the lifeguard and asked if anyone had been wearing that ring. She said she looks out for danger, not accessories. Then she said I was distractin(more)
The next morning, the air had a chill to it; the previous night's storm took all the heat the island had to offer, leaving a beach full of detritus in exchange.  Bits of driftwood dried in the sun, speckled with partial fish and tethered with rank seaweed.  In a few hours,(more)
"They're just a bunch of washed up rock and rollers."
If Bobby was alive right now, that's what he'd say about the upcoming benefit only he wouldn't really mean it, he just liked to say stuff like that.
I guess it could get kinda defeating when you want t(more)