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Whoever thought a snowman could be warm and fuzzy?
Made of ice cold and poky sticks, it melts in the sun a few hours later, breaking the proud hearts of small children.
The carrot nose is edible, definitely. But a baked or boiled carrot would droop off the head(more)
"Warm fuzzy," she cooed over the new family pet, a cat, no older than a few weeks at the oldest curled up into her pudgy little hands somehow comforted by the child's incessant prodding. Eyes like wildfire, sitting Indian-style on our living room floor she pattered about with the(more)
when i eat a cream
puff time slows and i get a
warm fuzzy feeling
She hated the hair on her neck. Every morning she would wake up and wax it, as if the red marks on her face were a better alternative.

"I'm like an animal!" she would scream in the mirror, thinking that I couldn't hear her, that I was aslee(more)