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I imagined I'd arrive home to trumpets and balloons, well, maybe not actual trumpets but at least a banner or two. How it had turned out I could not have envisaged three short years ago when I set off in my shiny shoes and stiff uniform. Off to war.(more)
"You can change your mind at any time."  The nurse was very soft spoken and reassuring.  It must be a very strange job to have.  Part nurse, part coroner.

"I understand."  Tim replied, matching her quiet tones.

"There is no shame at all."

Shame. (more)
The second thing Masayoshi wanted to do in his new apartment was hang up all the awards he'd received as Samurai Flamenco.  (The first thing, obviously, was to start building another tokusatsu museum, but it didn't take long considering his old collection was lost in his previous apartment's explosion.) (more)
I'm not a war hero. I'm a pacifist.

I'm not even a Man, or they told me when I wrote my name on the list. "Conscientious Objector." They might as well have labelled me "war villain."
the war hero had
dreams of death and so did his
friend the peace hero