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what would you do if you had your own wall in public property?

some would paint it one color
others would paint it multiple
your artistic neighbor might paint a self portrait (more)
So what major are you?  
"I'm actually sldkjs df but sdlfdfsdfksf and sdlfkjsdfssfsdf sskdlfjskkkkjjjsssfj what about you?"  
Oh well, I'm ............... for the $$$$$$$ but I wish i could just (           ).  
"You wish you could (more)
I built a wall between you and me
Because it's easier that way
A wall of untold stories and stolen glances
I have no faith in my words
Or in yours
So I hide behind my wall (more)
under the illusion grand:
your power of position stands
immutable & permanent.
perpetual / no longer sit /
impervious & anchored-sound,
for your amusements now resound (more)
Four walls, in my mind,
There is a place,
Covered behind doors and doors and doors,
In this space,
A single flame, that always burns,
Sometimes I imagine the walls collapsing, (more)
Steady at your back and unlikely to draw a knife on you, he'd always understood that a wall was what you wanted behind you in a fight. One less angle of approach for you to have to worry about.
Walls were a good place to make your stand, just(more)
Rick had no momentum. His parents hoped with his degree in Literature that he eared at the ripe age of 33 that he might start moving. Rick was sitting in a small apartment blowing smoke rings from his friends last crop. He trimmed for extra crash, waited in line(more)
Suppose a sentence starts a way you didn't expect. There's a damaging way to place un-careful words, stories you made up, ideas that you felt. Between yourself and the page, how many hurdles are there?

You build many phrases, awkwardly bundle in clauses together; semi-colons stutter your speaking(more)
It seems like everywhere I go, I hit a wall. Everywhere I turn, walls.

It seems like every step I take, I am getting further lost in a labyrinth. Every stride, more and more walls.

A maze with no exit, and all paths lead back to the(more)
I tape new photos to the wall
to fill the hole you left behind you,
photos of bright paintings and my little brother's drawings
and strips of booth photos from parties and outings.
I tried to leave the walls blank, (more)
Looming high above and jagged at the base
Complex hieroglyphs are scrawled onto its face
Ghostly echos hinting the uncertain
A gust of wind reveals it was no more than a curtain
She grits her teeth as she reaches for the next near-imperceptible depression, digging her nails into the rugged stone as best she can. For one terrifying moment she's certain it's not going to hold; either her hand would give out or the wall would crumble, something that'd send her(more)
Even with ambition
Training each day for this race
Her ankle snapped halfway
Can you help me tear down the wall in my mind? I can hear you there on the other side of my wall, but I cannot reach you. I desperately crave for your love and care, but I can't seem to allow you to come through the wall. The(more)
Alma leaned up against the wall of the girls' bathroom stall. Normally, she'd do it to listen in on the drama that always inevitably went down, or was shared - and certainly, there was some drama going down. Stacey Martin had been asked out to the prom by both(more)