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Sometimes, I despise being a tourist.

You don't know anything about a place. Not truly.
You don't know that the woman at the corner store where you buy a breakfast sandwich is Mama G. Her son was killed in a car accident years ago.  Every penny she ear(more)
The dome above the settlement allowed only a sliver of light to penetrate the thick plexiglass. Industrial smog, lack of oversight and abuse had finally taken it's toll locking them into a state of Fishbowl awareness.
    There were many years, early on , where travelers and tourists were attracted(more)
It was a good five meters before Alphonse realized that he had lost Edward again. He stopped, stepping out of the way of pedestrian foot traffic and glanced back down the street the way he had come.

Not for the first time, he felt a slight bit of(more)
My mother walked past me, and a waft of her perfume trailed behind her like a scarf. She picked up the small vial from the shelf and pressed it into my hands. The vial felt cold. It was made of some rare yellow crystal, and it shimmered in the(more)
The thing I hate the most: being below everyone's eyeline.

In the midst of a crowd I always feel like a struggling seedling in the rainforest, growing awkwardly to get to the sun. I crane my neck; I raise my voice, still they just walk past.

I walk past the window. Life is reflected back to me. The weariness of my body, the emotional scarring in my face. Walking past the window, wishing I saw someone else.
He is invisible, he decides.

An invisible speck against the paranoia of straight-backed, uniformed men who pass him every three minutes (exactly). Their eyes dart: Observing - analyzing - calculating - judging - concluding. They walk past and ignore him.

For all the security, he's just anoth(more)
All of my life's ambitions and aspirations were behind that door, right there. I'd just have to stroll in, sit down, accept the job offer, and I'd be set. Millions of dollars, trickling down into my lap. "If you take that money, if you go to that fucking meeting,(more)