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The cold bit into Jeremy's face as he stood surveying the fellow commuters who shared the unpleasant task of waiting on the morning train.

Mid-November and winter had truly settled in and judging by the weather so far, it was making itself very comfortable. Luckily the snows, o(more)
In cursory attempts to master the dilemma of a dirty mind, I have come across a curious holdout:

That of dirty math jokes.

You see, this particularly delicious slight of folly (more)
They've been here at the bar drinking like fish since the sun passed noon.

Shots and beer have flown like ichor from pitchers and pints.
“Oh my god, take those kids to the park or something. Can’t they go to the pool?”

Bob was exhausted and it was only 9:00 AM. Three of his four children aged 3, 6, and 8 shrieked and ran through the house while his wife, Pamela, tried t(more)