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black beetle settled
on antler velvet in dead
leaves its little bed
A skeletal hand is perched on red velvet. Fixed in position by surgical pins. The velvet is draped over a box large enough to fit a labrador.  

John is stuck staring at it. He sits on seats edge, chest caved in beneath an arched back. He is tucking(more)
he sits in his wheelchair
in a small, cluttered apartment
with Marilyn and a velvet Elvis adorning the walls
the smell of cat lingering in the air
eating raw pre-packaged cookie dough with a spoon
every night we hear him through the walls (more)
They lost the house and the help.
Convinced us that they traded velvet for velour, but really, the house was a joke;
A pile of disjointed lumber
sticking out of the ground.
A fracture. (more)