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I've always dreamt of living in Paris. The City of Lights glowed in my memory from childhood, a beacon that I never understood and never questioned. I followed that light anywhere it led. From my tiny, furthest-point-from-Paris town in the Midwest I did everything I could to somehow achieve(more)
In an urban dream I lifted my little limbs to a stranger named Vinny. A lover existed beyond everything the words that expressed. I am actually a human beyond your words. I live like a stranger but I dream of movie stardom and lies. I am a million people(more)
one urban dream is
to get out of the urb past
the suburbs to woods
I am standing in the middle of a dirt road, stone buildings rise above. A great parade of people dance around me, drunken with triumph and pride and wine. They are laughing and jumping and spinning with each other and children are running all around. Trumpets blare and cheering(more)