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There is a term for it, young woman. Would it make a difference if you knew from the start that you were taking part in a tradition, rather than breaking new ground?

I write to you from further up the mountain, but I am not writing to you(more)
I keep checking my email as if there might be a message from James.
I mean come on, James sending me an email is about as likely as a blizzard in July.
This is how pathetic I've become.
Missing people sometimes makes me crazy. (more)
The farmer waved as the hikers disappeared up the trail towards the highway. "Eighth lost group this summer," he said.

"Ever get tired of this?" his wife asked.
Caleb can see his sister up ahead, her arms flung out to the side as she twirls up the trail. She hasn't been this happy since they left Cumberland Estates. It is her tenth birthday, and with that comes the gift of the Prescott family. She can see them(more)
Hop in and we'll go for a ride
Up the trail, far away from the city lights
Enjoy a drink or two with some food
And an evening all to ourselves
Those were the days of our lives
~ (more)