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Two men - each from a strange place - waited for the bus. One decided to strike up a conversation to pass the time.

"Unusually hot here, isn't it?"
"So this alchemy thing," Al said, and Ed groaned. They had been sitting at the long table in the main room, which Ed had disdainfully dubbed the library, Al with his laptop open and several books piled around him and Ed with an empty plate that had just recently(more)
"What an unusual name!"  Said the barber as he snapped the bib for his next customer.  "How exactly do you pronounce it?"

"Uh - xxxxxxx - but the last x is silent."  The customer blushed.  

"OH!  Wow that IS a mouthful.  How about I just call you(more)
Fuck finals
we all dont have time to write!!
"Hoppaloopalus. Hmmm." I thought.

Mr Hoppaloopalus stared at me in response to my sudden head jerk. It wasn't an angry stare, just one of annoyance and impatience.
"Excuse me!" The new kid said, bouncing on his toes. "I'm new, what's your name?"
"Um, Donnie. Donnie Lewis." Donnie replied, really not feeling up to talking so someone who had a legitimate skip in his step.
The kid freaking /beamed/. (more)