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I hesitate, though you wouldn't know it to hear me. At my first real job, I was told that they were reluctant to take me on in the kitchen because I was known as the most chatty of the counter workers. They knew I could cook, but they were(more)
Something is. Something isn't.

But not really.

The Is and the Isn't both are. What isn't is the lack of the Is and the Isn't.

For every love, a hatred exists. For every life, a death comes. For every idea, its opposite is, in some capacity,(more)
"Monogamy's unnatural... trickel down religious rituals that make no sense with our genetic hardwiring," I said. We've all said shit like this but I was basically rationalizing a causal-fuck-buddy thingy into staying just that. I didn't want to feel obligated to text back within a certain time frame to(more)
The moment I saw him, I knew something was off. He just oozed trouble; from the slightly crooked smile, the smoldering gray eyes and the irresistible dimple on his left cheek. The moment he locked eyes with me I knew he wasn't of this... world.
Dear Satan,

You left your socks on the couch again. We can't keep doing this.

It sticks and coats in an unsatisfying way, sliding over skin like cheap glue that hasn't solidified yet. Escape is dreamed of but never achieve as you search for a trace of air that allows breath to poor out. Then the haze settles as things become more and more(more)
Movies are, I think we can agree, by and large unnatural. Nobody in the real world reacts to situations in their lives normal lives as one does in a movie. Except, when they do.

I remember that late Autumn afternoon spent alone in that wholly too large house.(more)
Sara had sworn that she had seen the woman's eyeballs boil, her hair flaring in brilliant orange and yellow and then falling to ash. hot fingers licking at her skin then bones, her entire body in a pillar of flame. And Saraswathi had done it all. With her fingers.(more)
Staying silent. Just standing there, and accepting that you have no place in this world
There's absolutely nothing healthy about this. There's nothing acceptable, or coherent, or /right/ about this. There's nothing to make this alright, nothing that can convince either of them that they're making the right decision, that this is going to work out in the end, that fate works in mysterious(more)
"Well," Winry Rockbell said as she looked up. "Isn't THIS a surprise." She wiped her hands on a rag and straightened, eyeing her visitor warily.

General Mustang, oddly, did not look all that different from the last time she saw him, well over a decade prior. Of course(more)
When I told them they called it unnatural.  

"How can you possibly say that?"  

"You will throw everything away!" (more)