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On my knees, an elbow wrapped around my throat, a hand pushing my head down: "Don't look up," she shouted, "don't look up."

They couldn't have been more than 15, and I had not minded when they had bumped against me at the street corner a block before,(more)
He liked small things: clean glass in the windows, untouched snow in undulations, neatly clipped toenails, curled eyelashes, dry veins.

Maybe that last wasn't so small. It was hard to keep perspective anymore.

She also liked small things: freshly vacuumed carpets, warm bagels with peanut butter, cold(more)
It was 1985, and Mikey's first air plane ride.  The three-year-old watched out the window as they climbed above the clouds.  In the quietude of the take off, he yelled at his mother, "All right, where's Jesus?"  
The negotiator picked up the phone.  "What is it you want?"

"I want a helicopter," said the man in the office building across the street.
1. Money,
2. A room of my own,
3. A staff of cooks, housekeepers, and chauffeurs,
4. A masseuse,
5. A publicity specialist,
6. An agent, (more)
Here's the deal, motherfuckers, you do what I say, you live. You scream like a little bitch, you get shot. Now, can somebody point me to the president?

Random Hostage: H-H-H-He's out on-on b-b-business.  

Ain't that a bitch. See, people are going to have to die toda(more)