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horny young boy dreams
of being an underwire
or a small gusset
deep indents, sprawling.
the fissures across your chest
prevent draw of breath
I never expected it to be this complicated.  I always saw women as flawless diaphanous creatures floating and flitting around having effortlessly thrown themselves together five minutes before leaving the house.  I had not expected this.  How I found myself dressing up in women's clothes is a (more)
Sighing, Mellissa adjusted herself for what must have been the eightieth time today. The underwire of the basic peach bra dug sharply into her skin each time she moved, rubbing the area just below her bust raw. This was the only bra she had that hadn't been completely worn(more)
I can't get away from it. Even colors now, a violet, a small, precious innocent flower is dark and ugly in my mind.

Guilt repression addiction
the sound of this much rain becomes almost uniform. you have to really try to hear it. a whole sheet of sound. plain. each little pat of a single drop onto the pavement of the grass or the leaves or the roof or the ground or the tops of(more)
"No," Tara said defiantly, but looking at the little silver sliver she knew it was true. Her favorite bra was ruined. Looking up and sighing, she tried  nudging the little curvy devil back into it's blue cave.