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"this is not the south," they say. "this is where you come to die when you've got nothing left."

it's on the barrel end of a shotgun that ridley remembers this. his mother-- coarse and unaffected by the rest of the world --had uttered it, the pointy end(more)
    Lacy walked through the door and announced shrilly to the empty kitchen, "Mom, Pumpkin's alive again!"  The sound of rummaging in the laundry room paused and her mother yelled back to her through the walls, "Lacey, is that you?"  Lacy dropped her books on the floor and skipped do(more)
She's perched on a park bench, staring down at her boots and trying to feel nothing but the rain that hits her skin. Her thoughts are trained on everything else, and she doesn't notice her visitor until he speaks.
She looks up, and he stands over her with(more)
We buried our memories under the tree, because the body was buried good and proper in a cemetery plot, under a tombstone.

Martha buried a tea cup, the one that Melissa always used when she'd visit the old woman on her back porch. She would sit for hour(more)