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As far as I know, I had never been sick before today. Never missed a day of school in my life. The the only time I had had ever thrown up, it had been Jameson, in Dublin, on Saint Patrick's day.  

But here I was in the E(more)
A heaviness invades the air, one that I recognize from other summers in other years. The sun sets and in the distance flashes of light explode against the black, cloudy backdrop. No thunder. Not yet. This is either a storm, or heat lightning.
She watches them fall one by one. Person by person, he weaves his magic over their heads until there is nothing left, nothing that made them the people she loved.
Why she remains untouched, she does not know. A forgotten love, perhaps. However, she cannot do anything sav(more)
It starts with a glance.

He sits next to you in music theory, casually draping an arm over the back of his chair, and offers some standard pleasantries which you parrot back without really looking at him. You’re not actually trying to be rude, it’s just, you’re (more)
im under your spell
you have me enthralled and like putty in your hands
cant sleep or stop to think with out your image in my mind
people think im an idiot for still liking you but i do and i should keep
until my heart shatters
until you(more)
If you ever met James Parsons, your first impression would be cool. He was the captain of the varsity basketball team and played football as well. James was a senior in high school, and had it all going for him. Girls, sports, and academics.
She finally fell into her small, cramped bunk, and staring at the ceiling, wondered how it had come to this. Her world had suddenly come to a screeching halt, and she had been the cause.

Donald had been with her since the days at the academy, he too(more)
Under the spell
Of carefully strung words
That twist the truth
Ripping it to shreds
And then shaping it
Like clay (more)
We caught eyes from across the room. His gaze lingered longer than mine dared to. Who was this magnificent creature and why did I long to look at him? His stare felt like it was a corset, pulling my stomach in tighter, arching my back, allowing my behind to(more)