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I'm afraid to tell you, but more afraid not to.

What if it comes out at my birthday party this weekend, while we sit, nude, post-coitus, in my sister's bed, the party raging just outside the barely-closed door?

Will you sit there, processing, wondering if I'm some(more)
I stare.  I don't mean to make her uncomfortable, but I cannot help it.  I have no words.  
She smiles, an uneasy smile, like I might turn out to be a tiger in disguise.  I am not a tiger, more of a pussycat, timid, dangerous only to mice and balls of foil.  I(more)
While pondering this "trigger" and of course trying to be brilliantly prolific in my response, all that kept coming to me were situations that could be considered an uncomfortable silence…

an unanswered text message from a loved one (more)
They had went dancing with her friends that night and then proceeded to do the long walk home to one of her friend's houses. It was nice to cool down after dancing and he was too high on the evening to care about getting cold. They eventually go to(more)
Silence isn't uncomfortable. It's the awkward, stilted attempts at conversation which pepper it that make things uncomfortable. If we could all just learn to shut up and enjoy the silence, we'd be a lot better off.

Serenity. Calm. Peace. I miss these things in today's busy world. And(more)
I do enjoy,
when everyone else can't speak
because they know not
what they need to say.
I know exactly what to say, and
say it I do, with resounding batting (more)
He heard every breath she took, the rain that seemed to beat against the window pane like it was dying to get in, his own fingertips tapping gently, gently on the glass table top.  He looked down; he heard his reflection screaming.  And every rattling breath she took that chilled him(more)